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ABUSUS - raped and abused

  • Westfälische Nachrichten, 07.04.2010: "When Nicole Frohne showed her art exhibition at the House of the Netherlands last fall, she was months ahead of the public discussion."
  • ZDF, 06.04.2010: "Nicole Frohne has made the topic of abuse the subject of her art - impressive and painful."
  • echo münster, 2.10.2009: "Nicole Frohne lends a poignant expression to the victims of sexual offenses with her photographs, installations and sculptures."
  • Münstersche Zeitung, 02.10.2009: "There is something wrong here, and that's still an understatement, because the ABUSUS exhibition is simply shocking. "Frohne uses artistic means to give voice to the fate of rape victims."



  • MSG, 19.11.2008: "After the successfully running exhibitions DAS EWIGWEIBLICHE I and II in Münster, Frohn's nomination for the established Mainzer Kunstpreis is now another award for the joy of artistic creation in a very short time and a figurehead for the city of Münster."
  • WDR, 16.08.2007: "Discovery journey to the infinite facets of the feminine personality. (...) Who was once in the exhibition, becomes addicted to more."
  • Westfälische Nachrichten, 26.08.2006: "Courage and spontaneity characterize the personality of the artist."
  • Westfälische Nachrichten, 26.08.2006: "This understanding is noticeable to Nicole Frohne, if she gets completely involved in her motives."



Nicole Frohne on TV: TLC Haunted!

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