"Death is not the End, I ´m sure of it. I try to prove this in a comprehensible way for everyone."

Nicole Frohne has been dealing with the paranormal for thirty years. Her planned third autobiographical novel "FREIGEIST" on the subject once again testifies to these experiences.

For several years Frohne has been trying to get to the bottom of questions about what will happen afterwards with the help of colleagues, scientists and theologians. In doing so, she continuously collects evidence from around the world for what has been experienced and felt. 


A CD with the acoustic material, the EVPs, will be released for their third book. With regard to her own results, but also those of her personal environment, Frohne has now decided to investigate for everyone who is affected.

If your place is haunted, you have supernatural experiences or open questions or messages to the deceased, Frohne can be booked for a paranormal investigation on request. Prices and procedures at:                                                                                                                                                  frohnefotokunst@yahoo.de