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ABUSUS - raped and abused

What can not be, can not be. And certainly not where the world seems (still) in order. And yet there are frighteningly many examples of abuse in middle-class, well-off, "normal" families, as the photographer and artist Nicole Frohne found out. In the preparation of her art project "ABUSUS - raped and abused" she made a small advertisement in the newspaper in 2006: She was shocked how many women answered. "At the meetings with the victims, I became a silent and stunned listener," she says, shocked. These are deep mental and physical injuries that will accompany the victims throughout their lives, which will always bring their lives out of joint. "You only picture that": A sentence that overlooks the unspeakable that others could not hear and could not believe. It also reflects the helplessness and non-knowledge of the environment and leaves those affected alone with the consequences of this brutal intervention in soul and body.

The artist Nicole Frohne makes these injuries visible through her photos and installations. The use of different media and materials was essential for her. By additionally staging the exhibition as a performer and making it tangible, the photographer creates complex installations, sculptures and photographs. It impressively documents various crime scenes, the grave consequences of sexual violence and social perceptions. She manages to give the affected person a voice and a picture, without merely showing it. Shocking and accusatory, but also compassionate, in solidarity and respectful.


Goethe's Faust II, it seems, is difficult to grasp and seduces the imagination. The goal of the photographer is to create a not only purely formal image of the person, but to capture an artistic snapshot and the human being, the woman, as a whole. Frohne did not let the women pose, but gave them the freedom to move intuitively and naturally in front of the camera. The artist took so much time until the women lost their fear of the camera and the photographer became a tool of the portrayed.

"Everything transient
Is only a parable
The inadequate
Here's the event
The indescribable
Here it is done
The eternal feminine
Pull us up "

Goethe, Faust II


In the photographs, Frohne shows fragments of the human envelope as an anatomical specimen of a historical collection. Ultimately, the death of loved ones was the trigger to look at the topic of "fragments" from the medical-philosophical point of view. But it is more than just the part of an organism. The fascination of the question: What remains as a fragment of humanity and a life back? What makes the death and the function of existence comprehensible? Especially with anatomical specimens the ambivalence captivates with fascination and rejection. The depictions seem haunting, often disturbing. As a basis for her joyful work on FRAGMENTE, key words such as individuality, individual experience and soul were in the foreground for her. She wanted to visualize feelings like longing, mystery and mystery. The artist contrasts the progressive optimism of the Enlightenment with a desperate helplessness of the victim. The attitude of the baby sock is graceful and only at second glance does the viewer realize the vessel. The realization that it is a lifeless, human and conserved fragment shocked. Frohne was nominated for the Mainzer Kunstpreis Eisenturm for her first work on this subject.

- Living with the paranormal

Nicole Frohne's autobiographical novel GEISTREICH is about the young woman Ava, whose life takes a dramatic turn. Mysterious things happen after a strange dream. Frohne describes authentically the life of the young adult, who is confronted with the paranormal after moving to a small town with their parents. It haunts in the apartment complex. Appearances, sounds, voices - the paranormal determines the familys everyday life. Even more, something bad wants Ava. Nobody wants to believe her at first, but events are circling and more and more people get involved. Then she meets Amon. With Amon, Ava's life is changing from the ground up.

Nicole Frohne writes exciting, witty and unadorned about a life with ghosts. A gripping and unusual book. Her first work is based on a true story and therefore reads all the more captivating.

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Messages from MacKenzie's mausoleum and

   the influence of dark energies




Nicole Frohnes book is the second part of GEISTREICH. It´s about the extraordinary life of the protagonist Ava. She has lived with the paranormal for many years and has grown up with her gift of being able to perceive ghosts. She bravely confronts herself more and more. With the help of experts and scientists, she wants to get to the bottom of the secrets of the Scottish tyrant, George MacKenzie von Rosehaugh, who died over three hundred years ago. At the heart of what is happening are the spectacular photographs that Ava has taken of MacKenzie's apparitions over the years. These could change the view of life after death forever ...


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- About the conversation with the Dead and the Light of God
autobiographical novel



The secret of life after death?

In Nicole Frohne's third autobiographical novel "Freigeist" the protagonist Ava gets more and more on the trail of it. With the help of a sound recording device and her willingness to experiment, she can record numerous inexplicable voices on tape and thus embarks on the exciting search for God - with surprising encounters from the Romans to Albert Einstein.

With her book, the author ties in with the previous two parts, but Ms. Frohne takes the readership with her on Ava's unbelievable journey through the paranormal, even without prior knowledge.

A gripping book that inspires attitude and could change the way you look at life...


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